Where there's wool... there's a way

At just 3 years old, my grandfather Eli was already on night duty.
This meant a two hour patrol of the family flock, alert for roaming jackal
in the freezing Namaqualand nights. A daunting task for a small boy,
but his parents were dirt poor migrant farmers... their sheep were all they had.
And the Namaqualand desert is not for the faint-hearted.

Yet the hardy Namaqua Merino thrives in this harshest of environments,
somehow managing to produce the world’s finest wool.
Born in a humble tent on a dirt track, ‘Oupa’ Eli rose to be a successful lawyer
and sheep farmer. His, was a life built on an unwavering ‘tough love’.
And he left us this simple yet priceless gift... ‘Where there’s wool, there’s a way.’

Today, we’re weaving a new future for our region from its prized Merino fleeces.
Because, tough as it is, we love our desert. We love its hardy, resourceful people.
Namaqualand gives no quarter, which grants a rare purity to life here.
And it is this purity that we weave into every Gerber & Co garment.
Crafted from hand-sheared, 100% organic Merino wool,
each garment means more jobs... more skills... more hope.

Rest assured that your Gerber & Co jumper will warm a lot more hearts than just your own.
On behalf of our workers, and our family... thank you.

Our Wool

Namaqua Merino wool natural engineering at its finest. Because merino fibres are much finer than other wools, it ‘warms above its weight’ - being wonderfully snug, yet feather-light and itch-free on your skin.

Hand Crafted Products

We hand-craft every garment and this can mean a
three week lead-time on deliveries.
However, we assure you it will be worth the wait!