Pure Protection

Lanolin - is a rich wax, naturally secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep.
It is Nature’s own coccoon... protecting the animals' wool and skin from the extremes of climate.
Lanolin also plays a vital role in human skin hygiene and is widely used
in protection, treatment and beautification products.
Our lanolin is 100% organic. Gently extracted from hand-sheared Namaqua Merino fleeces,
it  is refined and stability tested to the most exacting standards.

Our Wool

Namaqua Merino wool is an extraordinary example of natural engineering. Because merino fibres are much finer than other wools, it ‘warms above its weight’ - being wonderfully snug, yet feather-light and itch-free on your skin.

Our Lanolin Products

We produce a lip and a nipple cream from our own lanolin.
This pure, rich wax has been personally tough-love tested
through the sub-zero Namaqualand winter!